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Grant Aviation offers competitive fares, a generous baggage allowance, free ticketing changes, and fully transferable tickets to make your travel safe, easy and comfortable.

Charter Flights

In addition to our scheduled flights, Grant Aviation offers charter flight services to meet your specific needs. A charter includes the entire aircraft and your pilot for the amount of time necessary to reach your desired destination. Charters can be an economical option if you are travelling with a large group (6-9 passengers).

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Committed to Safety

Grant Aviation has an active and robust safety culture that is ingrained in all areas of our operation. Our safety management system (SMS) is implemented voluntarily in partnership with the FAA. This enables our company to continually analyze risk within our daily operations and when making changes within our organization. We include threat and error management into our system, which enables purposeful decision-making methodology that focuses on identifying potential issues within our operations before they may become a safety concern.

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To contact an agent, call us at 888-Fly-Grant or 888-359-4726

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