Our Leadership

Executive Leadership

President & CEO │ Robert M Kelley
Chief Financial Officer │ Robert M Kelley
Vice President of Operations │ Dan Knesek
Director of Operations │ George Curtis
Chief Pilot │ Chris Barnes
Assistant Chief Pilot | Mike Palm & Jordan Nezbeth
VP of Station Operations │ Cory Clark
Director of Training │ Jon Eichler
Director of Maintenance │ Dale Austermuhl
Director of Safety │ Juli Eichler
Director of Parts and Purchasing │ Bryan Roderick
Director of Community Relations │ James Atseriak

Station Managers

      Anchorage │ Garreth Block
      Bethel │ Gary Rogers & Jolene Foree
      Cold Bay │ Kerri Newman & Rob Nielsen
      Dillingham │Branden Schlosser & Philippe Clauwaert
      Dutch Harbor │ Domna Magalong 
      Emmonak │ Ranger Fox & Leandra Andrews
      Kenai │ Jason Nunn
      King Salmon │ Kris Covalt & Lars Collin


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