Quyana Rewards

Earn free travel when you fly with Grant

About Quyana Rewards

Quyana Rewards members get credit for every paid segment on Grant Aviation. You can redeem a free one-way ticket for every 5 segments and a round trip for 10 segments, anywhere we fly. Rewards never expire. Sign up for a free membership today!

Reward Levels:

  • 5 segments= A FREE one-way ticket anywhere we fly!
  • 10 segments= A FREE round trip anywhere we fly!
  • Best of all, you can book Rewards travel for ANYONE you choose!
  • Book your Rewards travel by calling our Reservations Team at 888-FLY-GRANT or 907-543-2000 in Bethel and Emmonak!

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Quyana Rewards tickets are based on space and availability.
  2. You must provide your Quyana Rewards number when you book your travel in order to accrue Rewards. Once your payment has been processed, the segment is automatically recorded in your account.
  3. Rewards are assigned to the person travelling and cannot be combined with another member’s Rewards account. However, you may use your Rewards to book travel for another passenger if you have enough segments (5 or 10) to redeem a full one-way or round-trip ticket.
  4. Inter village travel accrues and redeems the same as flights to and from hub stations.
  5. Free and promotional tickets, such as industry discounts, raffle prizes and buddy passes, are not eligible for Rewards.
  6. You may change or cancel your Quyana Rewards ticket at any time. Rewards are not collected from your account until the time of your flight.
  7. This program is subject to change by Grant Aviation.
  8. Reward tickets may not be bartered or sold. We reserve the right to cancel Quyana Rewards accounts due to fraudulent activity.
  9. Charter flights do not accrue Rewards. Flight must be a scheduled service offered by Grant Aviation.
  10. Reward travel redemptions are valid for any origin and destination city pairs where Grant Aviation operates, as long as the flights can be booked continually on Grant Aviation under a single itinerary.

To contact an agent, call us at 888-Fly-Grant or 888-359-4726

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