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The We Care Customer Service Commitment

At Grant, our goal is to provide safe, reliable and comfortable air travel for all of our customers, no matter where you live. Our company is built first and foremost on respect for you and your community.  Please feel free to share your comments, both good and bad, by following the link on our Contact Us page.  Thank you for your feedback.

Where and when can I check-in?

Please check in 1 hour prior to departure. All flights close 30 minutes prior to departure.

Anchorage: we are located at the South Terminal at Ted Stevens International Airport. Check-in and departure/arrival is on the west end on ground level, Gate L2.

Kenai: we are located in the Main Terminal ticketing lobby, all flights arrive and depart from Gate 3.

Bethel: Terminal One "Green Terminal" located at 3119 N Apron Road, and Terminal Two "Blue Terminal" located at 3111 N Apron Road. See our Routes and Destinations for destinations served by each.

What kind of luggage can I bring?

You are allowed up to 100 lbs of baggage per person free of charge. Additional baggage will be charged at our current excess baggage rate. On full flights you may be separated from your baggage and it may arrive on a later flight. It is possible your baggage may not travel on the same flight with you due to weight and space operational limitations. When this happens all reasonable efforts will be made to forward your baggage to its final destination as soon as possible.

Animals, guns, and odd-shaped luggage

Animals need to be in an appropriately sized hard sided kennel. Guns need to be unloaded and preferably in a hard sided case. Guns not secured in a locking case may not travel in the passenger cabin and will be loaded in the cargo area if available. We can accommodate most odd-shaped luggage as long as it can fit through the loading doors of the plane and fit within our cargo space.

1.       Firearms, Ammo and Personal Protection

a.       Firearms (including flare guns) and ammunition must be declared prior to travel or shipping as cargo. 

b.       Firearms must be unloaded and preferably carried in a locked, hard-sided container. Guns not secured in a locking case may not travel in the passenger cabin and will be loaded in the cargo area if available.

c.       They may be included in checked baggage if they are declared, unloaded and properly packaged.

d.       Ammunition must be securely packed in the original manufacturer’s package or in a container designed for ammunition and of sufficient strength to protect it from accidental crushing or discharge.  The projectile must be no larger than 11/16″ in diameter, the size of a dime.

e.       Bear spray, pepper spray or other personal protection sprays are not allowed on Grant Aviation aircraft due to safety concerns.

Service Animals

In keeping with ADA regulations, we make every effort to accommodate service animals. However, our planes do not have a separation between the cockpit and the cabin, and loose animals can be a threat to the safety of the flight. Our pilots will work with you to determine the best restraint mechanism that will allow you to be near your service animal, while also maintaining the safety of the flight. If it is necessary to stow your animal in a kennel, you will not be charged the standard pet transport fee.

HAZMAT Shipments

If transporting hazardous material, a Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods form must be completed prior to bringing the freight to Grant Aviation for shipment. For more detailed information on regulations, please visit https://www.faa.gov/hazmat

Refunds and transfers

All tickets are valid for use only on flights operated by Grant Aviation. Tickets are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. No refunds will be issued after 90 days from date of purchase. Flight changes are permitted free of charge. Tickets can be transferred between passengers.

Children under age 2

Children under 2 fly free in an adult companion's lap. Children two and over must have a paid seat, and be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Types of Aircraft

Grant maintains a fleet of Airvan GA8's, Cessna Caravans, Cessna 207's, Beechcraft King Airs, and Piper Navajos.

Find out more about our fleet

Weather and Mechanical Delays

Safety is our number one concern. Grant flies in some of the most remote parts of Alaska, where weather and visibility can have a strong impact on flight schedules. We do not fly in conditions of high winds, low visibility or other unsafe weather conditions. If weather or mechanical conditions delay a flight, we pledge to make every effort to keep you updated on your flight status.

Rewards Program

Earn free travel when you fly with Grant Aviation.  Find out more our Quyana Rewards program. If you have already joined, thank you.

Please remember to provide your rewards number when you book your travel with us.  We look forward to seeing you again.

How do I get to Akutan?

The Akutan Airport, which opened in 2012, is located 6 miles from Akutan on Akun Island. Grant Aviation flies to Akun Island only. To get to Akutan, you will need to book a separate helicopter flight with Maritime Helicopters. Please visit their booking site at  www.maritimehelicopters.com/akutan-booking/

How do I contact my village agent?

Grant Aviation Village Agents are your contacts in the community for Grant Aviation. If you live in a community served by Grant Aviation, you can contact your agent to make a reservation or check the status of your flight. If you can't reach your agent or need more information, call our Reservations Office at 888-359-4726.

More information about Village Agents

To contact an agent, call us at 888-Fly-Grant or 888-359-4726

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