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Mail and freight delivery are critical to the communities we serve.


At Grant Aviation, we understand that mail and freight delivery are critical to the communities we serve. We're committed to delivering your mail and freight as efficiently and timely as possible. Find answers to commonly asked questions about mail and cargo below.

Tracking Issues?

Due to the lack of tracking technology infrastructure in rural Alaska, tracking can be unreliable after your package has left Anchorage. Sometimes when you check your package tracking, it has been recorded as delivered even though you haven’t received it. This happens because sometimes packages are marked as delivered before they’ve been physically transferred to Grant Aviation. If you’ve called the Grant Aviation station and your package is not there waiting to be loaded on one of our planes, please fill out the form below so we can monitor this issue and work with the shipper to develop a solution.

Report Delivery Issues

Delivery Prioritization
The order in which mail and cargo is dispatched is governed by rules set out by the USPS. Shipping must be sent in the following order:
  1. Passengers
  2. Baggage
  3. Mail. Order: Express, Priority, Bypass
  4. Freight (UPS, Amazon Prime, building materials, grocery and auto part shipments, etc.

Weather Delays

Weather is a serious factor in our service areas and there are times when shipments will be delayed. After weather delays occur, we try our best to provide safe carriage of cargo and mail to the down-line villages as quickly and safely as possible. We follow the above delivery prioritization when catching up after weather delays. Please always keep in mind that weather delays may arise when shipping time-sensitive or perishable items. Leave yourself room for a delay if something needs to arrive at a certain time, and always consider shipping perishables priority mail or with a Grant Aviation passenger.


Grant Aviation offers scheduled and charter freight services to all communities it serves in addition to other communities throughout the state. 
We offer a wide variety of freight services from small envelopes, to hazardous materials and oversized items such as snowmachines, furniture, building materials and more.

When shipping freight from Anchorage to the village, advise your mainline carrier that the shipment should continue from Bethel, Emmonak, Dillingham, King Salmon, Cold Bay, or Dutch Harbor via Grant Aviation.
Shipments to Kenai from Anchorage should be dropped off at our ticket counter at the south end of the Departures level in the South Terminal of Ted Stevens Airport.

For more information including scheduling and pricing please contact us at 888‑Fly‑Grant (888‑359‑4726) or email [email protected]. In Bethel or Emmonak call: 907-543-2000.

Shipping Terms and Conditions

  • Grant Aviation will not be held responsible for cash, checks, money orders and all monetary instruments.
 All monetary instruments are at shipper’s risk.
  • Shippers are required to declare the contents of their package or envelope.
  • Names and phone numbers are required on all packages and envelopes
  • Grant Aviation assumes no liability for fragile, valuable, or perishable items.

Hazardous Materials

  • Federal law prohibits the carriage of hazardous materials aboard aircraft in your luggage or on your person. Many everyday products are considered hazardous under these regulations.
  • Categories of items that are generally prohibited include but are not limited to: flammable substances, explosives, oxidizers, poisons, compressed gases, infectious agents and radioactive materials.
  • Examples of specifically prohibited articles include: aerosols, spray starch, fireworks, strike-anywhere matches, gasoline, lighter fluid, butane, pesticides, paint, scuba tanks, propane cylinders and loose lithium batteries.

For guidance on shipping your hazardous materials, contact our freight agents at 888‑Fly‑Grant (888‑359‑4726) or email [email protected]. In Bethel or Emmonak call: 907-543-2000.

To contact an agent, call us at 888-Fly-Grant or 888-359-4726

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