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Eric Young, Chair

Eric Young, Chair, Board of Directors

The story of Grant Aviation and Eric Young starts with a father’s love of his special needs son. Brandon Young loves planes. A non-verbal child, they are his favorite thing to point to. So Eric bought a plane as an investment for Brandon’s future and put an ad on the Internet that it was available for lease. Grant Aviation responded.  Six years later the result is a growing business positively impacting the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of people.

Eric Young is a serial entrepreneur and thrives on the satisfaction of strengthening and expanding existing companies.  This wasn’t the first time Brandon Young inspired Eric’s business endeavors. Formerly a very successful commercial construction executive and project manager, Eric became an entrepreneur so he could work close to home and be available for his son’s frequent medical emergencies. Eric became co-owner in a small contracting company in the Atlanta suburbs. Eric has grown that firm 18%-22% each year and has been inspired to drive the same growth and opportunity in companies around the country.

The unique environment of Alaska, the prettiest scenery in the world and the vital services Grant Aviation provides motivates Eric to strengthen the company and ensure it is financially healthy. As CEO, Eric focuses on creating fiscal stability and long-term growth.

As in all his business endeavors, Eric is most gratified when he can invest in a company and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing he has helped others to reap opportunity, to grow their lives and to grow their families.  “The best reward for all this effort is to see an employee who is single when he joins us, gets married, has kids… and to know that I was able to help with that because there was a salary that could support that life.”

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