Robert M Kelley, President & CEO

Robert M Kelley, President & CEO

Rob is the CEO, President and CFO of Grant Aviation. Originally from Georgia, Rob has a background in construction, computer science and business management.

Rob served as the CFO for major construction companies in the Atlanta area during the first 25 years of his career.  For the last 15 years, Rob has served as a forsenic accounting consultant to the insurance companies that issue bonds for construction projects.  Rob would evaluate financially distressed construction companies and advise their bonding companies in fulfilling the bonded obligations.  Rob would also frequently serve as an expert witness in litigation issues related to construction financial issues.

In 2015, Rob evaluated the financial condition of Grant and served as an advisor to the Board prior to being named the CFO of Grant in August 2016.  The financial health of Grant has continiously improved under Rob's leadership and in December 2017, Rob was promoted to the position of CEO and President.

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